If you were looking for an analogy to express what marketing is all about, look no further than fishing. It has it all.

Identify the type or species of fish you are looking to catch – your target market – say, rainbow trout. Find the perfect bait – what will attract your trout? Where will you find plenty of trout? Can you catch them all year round or are some seasons better than others? Where will you best place yourself, with your rod and baited hook, in order to be most successful? Do you know how to cast accurately so that your baited hook, or correct fly, lands where it is intended? Are there any localised spots where there is a greater density of trout, like particularly deep large dams?

Just like heading out on a fishing trip, you will be well advised to take all the necessary equipment with you to achieve the greatest success. Are you after quantity or quality, small or large? Have you researched through talking to others, to discover the vagaries of your intended fishing area?

Like fishing, marketing is far more rewarding when it is thoroughly planned and then implemented with practiced skill and relentless enthusiasm!

Ross Piest