Here are a few aspects to consider when coming up with your strategy: Boundaries between consumers and business are rapidly eroding. People’s private and business lives have merged to a far greater degree than ever before.

This erosion has the effect of increasing individuals’ influence and power at the expense of corporate power. Many people have not yet come to this realisation. Laws have become increasingly favourable to consumers, but more importantly, the individual’s voice can now create massive knock-on effect due to the power of social media. One disgruntled customer can create havoc.

It’s not bad news, it just needs proper management and greater employee focus to keep everyone concerned singing from the same song sheet. The saying that all employees represent marketing, (the brand and the corporate reputation), is absolutely true. Why not embrace this and determine to improve your internal marketing? The positive force you unleash can be surprising. Formulate a proper internal communication strategy and implement it thoroughly – it will pay dividends.

Be relevant and authentic.

The business world is far more connected today. There is less control, greater uncertainty and there is equally greater opportunity as a result. Tough conditions drive innovation, so don’t be left behind. Ruthlessly inspect your costs and analyse the quality of your offering. Check the relevance and authenticity of your offering – not just its price – and always consider how you can occupy the high ground through adding value.

Ross Piest