At a time when many companies are looking to increase their footprint and find new routes to market, establishing and using a call centre to complement other traditional marketing practices can be a particularly useful tool.

Brand building is about customer satisfaction and a call centre ultimately addresses the thing that leaves customers feeling cared for and valued – the human touch.

Skills such as empathy and understanding are undervalued. They can make all the difference, not only leaving the customer feeling satisfied that their problem is being resolved, but also helping to reinforce that the brand really cares about its customers and will go the extra mile to see that their needs are met.

Understanding different channels – from telephone and email, through to websites and social media – when they are best used, and what value they bring to different customers is key to understanding when human interaction or technology, or a mix of both, should be used.

Ultimately, it’s the customer experience that really matters. Despite technological advancements, it’s people who continue to make the real difference when it comes to customer experience.

Gregory Sander