There are many products out there. There are far fewer brands. You have to make a conscious decision and back it up with long-term commitment if you want your offering to stand out from your competitors. Although this might sound like an uncomfortable path to choose, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. The keys are in the following areas:

  • Discipline – build respect for your brand through controlling the behaviour firstly of all internal people who are involved in any way with your brand.
  • Messaging – make a brand message that all staff can relate to and live up to and this will in turn influence your customers into believing your brand promise.
  • Build the love and respect – there are many aspects that each play an important role, including, enthusiasm, deep product knowledge, efficient delivery, warranties, after-sales service.
  • Customer – listen to your customer and make your brand the customer solution.
  • Creativity – make opportunities for your brand to stand out positively. This is more than stating features and benefits, this is attributing memorable characteristics to build brand personality and demand share-of-mind.
  • Advertise – this is not an expense but a vital investment in creating awareness, interest, desire and action which will result in growth, profitability and balance sheet value of your brand. Get professional advice to maximise your impact, reach and breakthrough. Consider all media types from the classical to the various digital platforms.
  • Promotion – be prepared to use sales promotions, in-store display and activation, public relations, events, trade shows and exhibitions, but never compromise your brand promise and integrity.

Ross Piest